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Become a Philanthropist!


A philanthropist is a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others by giving generously to good causes. To give generously means to show kindness to others by giving above what is required of us. It means giving with your heart, with a true sense of caring.


Many think to be a philanthropist you have to be able to write a big check with lots of commas and zeros, but that’s simply not the case. Anyone and everyone can be a philanthropist! At the Community Foundation, we enable everyday people from all walks of life to give back in big ways. Over the last 30 years we have granted out close to $60 million to address the real needs of real people right here in our community.


The Good2Give Fund provides everyone with the opportunity to be a philanthropist, allowing you to give at your own pace while ensuring the greatest impact is made with every dollar gifted.  We want to spark a passion for giving in everyone that isn’t limited by minimum contributions or fund balances or a certain ‘giving day’.


It’s about giving for the good of whole – any time and every time. It’s about giving big together so that we improve our community and the quality of life we all enjoy now and for generations to come.



It’s Good2Give. Together We Give Big.




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