The Foundation has been changing lives since 1985.

Thanks to our donors and partners we have been able to gift back more than $67.7 million to the Community.  

Community Foundation
for Northeast Georgia
Mission Statement

The Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia strengthens the communities we serve by providing leadership, addressing community needs and assisting
individuals and organizations 
with their charitable giving. 

The Community Foundation
for Northeast Georgia
Welcomes You!


The Past

The Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia began operating as the Gwinnett Foundation, Inc. a nonprofit community foundation on March 25, 1985. It was founded by a group of community-minded citizens to receive and disburse charitable funds for an improved quality of life throughout Gwinnett County. After a capital campaign provided the initial seed money, the Foundation received a major boost in 1987, due to the efforts of the late Robert D. Fowler. Under his leadership, he and the other owners of the Gwinnett Daily News generously offered a $1 million challenge grant, which was matched by the community. These funds enabled a significant increase in grant awards and provided a solid base for future asset growth. The Board of Directors voted to change the name to the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia in March of 2002 formally recognizing the regional growth from Gwinnett and the surrounding three counties of Barrow, North Fulton and Forsyth to the Northeast Georgia Counties of Clarke, Jackson, Madison, Greene, Oconee and Walton.


The Present

The CFNEG manages funds held in trust, donated by individuals, organizations and businesses. Most funds are permanent endowments, similar to savings accounts. These funds are pooled for investment purposes and their income is used to make grants for a wide variety of charitable purposes.


The CFNEG serves Donors and the not-for-profit charitable organizations to which we award grants.


Donors may leave the decisions about grant making to the Foundation's Board to address the constantly changing needs of the community. Or, they may recommend the organization(s) to receive a grant from their Fund.


Our Donors can be assured that their gifts will always be used in the way they've directed. The not-for-profit charitable organizations can rely on us to be here in perpetuity, to help with their worthy community projects.


The Mission

  • Provide a cost-effective bridge for all donors to our community's changing needs
  • Serve as a leader, catalyst, and resource for philanthropy
  • Produce an expanding pool of permanent endowment funds for now and all time
  • Improve the quality of life with grants and technical assistance to local charities
  • Partner with and be an advocate for the endowment of local charities

The dynamic yet perpetual CFNEG Board has a duty of loyalty to the Mission, fidelity to the charter, and dedication to sound management.


The Future

Today's plan for tomorrow may not work when tomorrow comes because needs change.  The Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia is a cornerstone for philanthropy and will serve for generations to come.


We will serve by developing partnerships with Donors to build endowments that will be used for local community needs in partnership with the not-for-profit charitable organizations receiving Foundation grants.

Our goals include:


  • Building our asset base
  • Increasing community awareness
  • Increasing public support for local needs



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