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 10 Efficiency
   9 Professional Management
   8 Recognition
   7 Service
   6 Tax Advantages
   5 Permanence
   4 Accountability
   3 Simplicity and Convenience
   2 Local Expertise
   1 Community Impact

When is a good to time to talk with your clients?

Some of the greatest opportunities to make significant charitable contributions occur when a client is making other major business, personal and financial decisions such as:

  • Writing or revising a will
  • Contemplating the sale of a business or other major asset
  • Planning for retirement 
  • Having received a financial windfall

These are a good time to ask questions such as:

  • Do you have dreams of making our community a better place to live?
  • If you could leave more of your wealth to your family and continue to support the charities you care about most, would you be interested?
  • How much money do you want your heirs to have?

Now is the time to introduce the CFNEG to your client and all the many ways we can help to answer further questions they may have. 

Advantages for Advisors

At the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia, donors join a community of philanthropists, benefiting from our more than 25-year history of grant making. A full complement of tools for giving ensures that donors’ contributions have maximum impact for the charities they choose to support.  Together with professional advisors, we create highly effective, flexible, cost and tax-efficient approaches to charitable giving.


When you partner with CFNEG to advise your clients about their philanthropy, you will exceed your client’s expectations
because . . .


  1. You Enhance Your Role as Advisor to Your Clients
    You remain in control of the client relationship. We can be as visible (or invisible) to your clients as you like.  Your clients will appreciate you helping them achieve more than they thought possible.

  2. You Provide the Charitable Solutions Your Clients Seek
    We help you provide creative charitable solutions for your clients. Whether a client’s needs are simple or complex, utilizing our expertise and experience will add value to your services.

  3. Your Clients Receive the Maximum Tax Advantages
    Your clients receive the maximum tax benefits allowed for their gift because the Community Foundation is a public charity. To compare our tax advantages to other giving options, click here.

  4. Your Clients Receive Help Identifying Their Charitable Goals
    If you have clients that need assistance in determining the charitable causes they would like to benefit, we can help them explore, identify and focus their charitable objectives.

  5. Your Clients Make the Greatest Impact with Their Gifts
    For over a quarter century, we have beenconnecting people who care with causes that matter’ in our community.  We know the needs and capacities of the nonprofit organizations in our area.  Whatever your clients’ charitable objectives may be, we can provide the information they need to make the greatest impact with their gifts.

  6. Your Clients Gain Maximum Flexibility
    Your clients choose when to make a gift to receive a tax deduction; and they are in control of when to recommend grants to charity.  They can generally benefit as many charitable interests as they like from their fund.  They may even recommend a change in the purpose of their fund if their charitable interests change.

  7. Your Client’s Intent is Always Carried Out
    An endowment fund at the Community Foundation never becomes obsolete. If your client’s original charitable purpose becomes impossible to fulfill, your client can name an alternate purpose, or the fund will be used to support a cause that most closely matches your client’s original intent.

  8. There’s No Obligation and No Charge
    We can help your clients explore all of their charitable options. There is never any obligation, and there is no charge to you or your clients for our consultation or planning.

  9. It’s Economical and Efficient
    If each of our individual charitable funds operated independently and had to recreate our array of administrative, investment and philanthropic services on its own, the price tag would be enormous. But each of our funds shares the collective costs of an outstanding staff and excellent investment advisors, creating great economies of scale. Each donor is backed by a staff that cares about them and their needs.

We sincerely want to be your partner in meeting the charitable giving needs of your clients. If you have questions that have not been answered here, or you would like to arrange a meeting with our staff or discuss a client situation confidentially, please contact us for more information.