The Jackson Jinright Charitable Foundation Fund

Create a Fund

Decide when to give: 

Create a fund now, establish it in a will or create it through a trust arrangement that benefits family as well as charity.


Decide what to give: 

Cash, publicly traded securities, closely held stock, real estate, tangible personal property, life insurance, and private foundation assets.


Choose the fund name:

Most funds are named for the donor, the donor's family, or as a memorial for someone special. IF ANONYMITY IS PREFERRED, a name that reflects the fund's charitable purpose may be chosen. 


Choose the fund type:

The funds are listed below -


  • Unrestricted: 

    allows staff and the board grant committee to award grants that address the area's community needs

  • Designated: 

    creates grants that meet needs in a particular field or geographic area

  • Donor - Advised: 

    enables donor to recommend specific organizations

  • Scholarship:  

    helps students pursue academic goals

  • Endowment:  

    establishes funds for either agency or individual to offer long term support of the agency or donor's philanthropic interests.

To setup a fund at the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia, please contact us by or call 770-813-3380.