“Art, in the public realm for the whole of the community to enjoy, is an integral piece of our city’s personality. It’s not enough to simply create a ‘place’. That place has to come alive – through art, events, activities, and just making things fun. People need a reason to keep coming back and connecting.”

                                                          Denise Brinson, City of Suwanee Assistant City Manager

Suwanee’s Art for All Campaign

Why Art?

Great cities have long considered public art a key component of
a vibrant community — an essential element of placemaking and
city design, a tool for promoting connectedness and economic
development, and a means of providing people with experiences.
Public art enhances the culture of a community: it’s timeless,
impacts generations, and is accessible to everyone. Art is a true
differentiator, and has become Suwanee and Gwinnett’s niche in
metro Atlanta.

How it Started

The citizens of Suwanee turned out in record numbers in 2001
to vote in favor of a multimillion-dollar bond referendum that
allowed the city to purchase land. This enabled the city to go
from nine acres to over 350 acres of open space and create five
new parks.

In 2002, the city purchased 10 acres to build the first park through
the open space initiative. Town Center Park is the physical and
symbolic heart of the Suwanee community. A vibrant mixed-use
area, Town Center represents a bold and innovative response to two
citizen-driven planning efforts: to preserve open space and create a
new community focal point.

The success of Town Center Park exceeded all expectations; it draws
over 200,000 visitors annually to over 40 events, as well as regularly
serving as a gathering space for our 20,000 citizens. It is the home to
SculpTour, Suwanee’s award-winning revolving sculpture exhibition,
which has brought 79+ public art pieces to a walkable ten-acre area
of Town Center.

The Project

The city has committed $16M to cover the construction costs associated with the expansion of Town Center Park. To provide the margin of excellence above and beyond the basic infrastructure, and to reflect what is special about Suwanee, the city hopes to raise an additional $1.25M in private contributions to support the inclusion of three new art pieces. These pieces will act as a catalyst to transform the project from a PARK to a PLACE.

Park construction is anticipated to begin mid-2019 and will take approximately one year to complete.

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To learn more about supporting this campaign, contact Toni Shrewsbury:



City of Suwanee

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