The Odessa & Angeline Foundation

The Odessa & Angeline Foundation began out of a desire to seek a better America tomorrow by building strong men starting today. When you give to the foundation, you help benefit and support causes that help fatherless boys and economically disadvantaged children. 


The foundation was started by two brothers, Antonio and Anthony, who wanted to leave a lasting legacy honoring their family’s ancestors and help stem the tide of the epidemic of fatherless young men in our nation. Named in honor of their grandmothers who left a lasting impression of strength, love, moral grounding and compassion, the foundation exists to positively change the lives of young boys and young men in our nation and to help create a brighter future for distressed youth. The foundation’s goal is to create strong men with strong morals, ethics, self-worth and self-identity, which ensures a strong America.


To build strong boys today into stronger men for a greater America tomorrow.


Self-Ego [refers to the part of you which is connected to God and the value that they place on themselves.]

1. Building self-pride and value in being a young man growing into an adult.
2. Building self-esteem. 
3. Providing exposure to positive male role models through mentorship programs.
4. Providing proper social behavior education – how a man is supposed to behave and act to be successful and productive in society.

Follow a select number of economically disadvantaged young men from throughout a qualified elementary school to graduation with B or better grade avg. towards graduating from an accredited trade or technical school with a 3.0 or better.

To raise $150,000 to produce a Dance Ball Event to invite economically disadvantage young boy and girls [middle-elementary age and older] who are currently enrolled in a local mentorship program this year and to start Scholarship Fund for select boys entering elementary schools for their pursuance of a trade school degree next year.


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Antonio Little-El

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