Good2Give Gala Presenting Sponsor Celebrating 30 Years in Business


It's a milestone year for Roger S. Green, and he's celebrating it in many ways. Thirty years ago he started Green Financial Resources with a desire to help people with their financial planning and investments and a belief that God's blessings are meant to be shared.


"My life's profession has been helping people make the right [financial] decisions," Roger said. "I want to inspire them to become passionate about growing their money so they can have more money to give. It is 100 percent truly more blessed to give than to receive."

A Gwinnett county resident since 1991, Roger has been a supporter of the Community Foundation for many years.
"A long time ago, I worked with someone connected to the Community Foundation and encouraged them to give the money I was managing for them to the Community Foundation as a part of getting it started," Roger said.
"I really believed then and do now, that the Community Foundation is so good because it's something that will always be there and always growing. It has the ability to impact so many lives in our community for good and has had so many great leaders and supported so many great causes over the years. It's very powerful because it doesn't concentrate all the giving in one serves a variety of needs and causes."
For Roger, becoming the Community Foundation's Good2Give Gala sponsor was another way to celebrate Green Financial Resources' 30th anniversary and the causes they support.
"It's a monumental year for us, so I wanted to honor all those involved and all those involved with charities like the ones we support - Friends of Gwinnett County Senior Services and the Auditory Verbal Center. It's a privilege for me to honor all the people that have started our community's many charities and keep them going. They sacrifice their lives for other people."
Helping people is something Roger hopes to do for another 30 years. He has no intention of retiring any time soon. He's enjoying working, which also includes working side by side with his wife and two of their six children. Laura, Roger's wife, has served as chief operating officer for more than 17 years.
"She's a really amazing person. She constantly reminds me of being dutiful, consistent and faithful...she works so hard behind the scenes, and, like me, is working to honor God. I have a great team and the hub of it is her.
"We could retire but we don't want to. I have a never-ending desire to be better and better and help more and more people become financially successful and give more."
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